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Security Link

The CEO UGANDA meets the CEO Security Link.

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Our Home

Security Link Offices

Plot 126 Sentema Road - BULANGE MENGO

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Let us Transform You

If you are convinced that finding the right person for any position is critical for the success of your Company, headhunting may be the right solution for you. (Other forms of recruitment may prove to be ineffective  and time consuming.)

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Service with results

This is where all the documents are processed and visas received to be issued to successful candidates.

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In the current economic climate, which promises an upswing in general and in outsourced services especially, this business launched at the right time. The business targets large, medium, small and building management companies first in order to establish a strong base of clients within and outside the country cities.

During a recruitment process, our team focuses on leadership skills, emotional intelligence and behavioural aspects, in addition to technical abilities of the candidates.

Potential candidates for any position are of two types: those who search for a job (Active job Seekers) and those who do not (Passive Job Seekers). Some of the best candidates (among the Passive Job Seekers) may not respond to newspaper advertisements, and this is when head hunting comes in. The right person for the job may not be an active job seeker but already working elsewhere. Our work is to hunt down that person for you.

Our performance management services are aimed at assisting client organizations achieve their strategic objectives. of clients within and outside the country cities.

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Security link helped me get a job in the middle east. I have no doubt about them. Try your luck and forget what other failures say but focus on yourself. Rehema is always in ma prayers. She is agood cordinator, Abraham, Yusuf, Balinda, boss kanyike, Brazo. We are proffessionals now in different fields.

- ‎Symon‬ Kamanyire's testimony

International Jobs

International jobs are always available. Our initial aim is to know you better, once we get talking and things begin to take shape we make suggestions and recommendations as per your needs and requirements. So if you have stepped inside our office, rest assured you will reach home (of office!) a satisfied client!

We accomplish this mission by delivering superior expertise to the projects we undertake and by continuing to improve our work, fostering innovation, and providing the most professional project management.

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